ConfigMgr Run Advertised Programs Tool not showing Non-Mandatory User Policies

I’ve been investigating an issue for one of my colleagues where the ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 Run Advertised Program tool isn’t showing some users their Non-Mandatorily assigned Programs.  The SMSCLIUI.LOG shows that the RAP tool should be showing ‘x scripts available’ for the user to run, and PolicySpy confirms that the currently logged in user’s SID has the policies showing in the ‘Requested’ and ‘Actual’ stores – alas, nothing in the RAP Tool.

Interestingly, we found that if the test user logged into a system they had never logged into before (evidenced by lack of the users SID folder in the PolicySpy tool) they would see a couple of machine targeted Non-Mandatory Programs in the RAP Tool – that is until a User Policy Refresh occured and then even those would disappear!

It seems that restarting the SMS Agent Host whilst the user is logged in rectifies this annoying little issue but I’d like to get to the root cause.  After a reboot or logout/login the RAP Tool seems to continue to behave itself and the programs remain visible.  It’s as though the User policies coming down are somehow freaking the SMS Agent Host out and it doesn’t continue with the task of ‘presenting’ them once they’ve arrived.

I’ll no doubt be roped into continuing to look into this issue tomorrow and I’ll think I’ll start with enabling verbose/debuglogging of the SMS Agent Host.

To be continued…


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