Automatic Updates behaviour during Task Sequenced Windows 7 Build

I’ve come to the conclusion that whilst in the Post-Install phase of a Task Sequence, it’s probably not a good idea for the machine being built to go swanning off to Windows Update and start automatically applying minor updates.  As well as undermining the whole concept of centrally managing updates – it throws up the risk of upsetting your ‘Install Software’ task sequence steps as they fight for Windows Installer time.

Thus, I find myself trudging with my wading gear into the murk of the unattend.xml file to yet again change what I feel is behaviour that just shouldn’t be switched on by default.

The setting we are concerned with is the “ProtectYourPC” option in the “x86_Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup_neutral” section.  We change this to have a value of “3” which effectively turns off the automatic nature of Windows 7 so that our build can complete exactly as per the plan.  Corporate Group Policy settings come down to lock down the behaviour of Windows Update when all is finished.


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