Well I didn’t know that! State Migration Point USMT.MIG files and Windows Easy Transfer.

I get a nice warm feeling inside when I accidentally click on something but get rewarded with a new little piece of knowledge.  This recently happened when I was browing the ConfigMgr State Migration Point store from a Windows 7 system, double clicked on a USMT.MIG file, and was introduced to Windows Easy Transfer.  I’ll admit to having heard of Easy Transfer but considering myself as more of an enterprise solution implementer nowadays I didn’t give it much consideration and dismissed it as a ‘Home User’ type of thing.  I was wrong.

I am often asked the question of how best to restore previously captured User State data from a ConfigMgr State Migration Point should ‘something’ go wrong – for instance if the State Restore during OSD should fail.  My previous answer used to suggest the use of the command line and the USMT LoadState.exe – but now my answer now is simply “Use Easy Transfer.”

You can browse to your SMP using a Windows 7 system and double click on the USMT.MIG file created by the State Capture phase of your task sequence to start using Easy Transfer…

You are required to enter a recovery password…

The recovery password can be found by viewing the ‘Recovery Information’ of the Computer Association object that was created within the ConfigMgr console and it is the ‘User State Recovery Key’ you are interested in…

Use this key as the password for the Easy Transfer Wizard and continue…

Well this interface is a darn sight easier to use than the USMT command line!  The ‘Advanced Options’ give you some control over mapping migrated data to other user accounts.  Hit the ‘Transfer’ button…

Once the transfer is complete, you will be presented with a summary screen from which you can choose to view extended details and reporting data on what exactly was transferred…

Marvellously simple – and much, much better than having to either manually initiate USMT LoadState.exe or advertise and run a Task Sequence just to perform a restore.



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