Improving Availability of your remote Branch Distribution Points

Whilst I remember, this is a quick post to share a couple of tips which might help you improve the availability of Windows 7 Branch Distribution Points that you may have operating within your ConfigMgr infrastructure.

  • BIOS Power On Timer – If the BIOS supports it, enable the Power On events each working day to power up the system every morning, ready for business.
  • BIOS Power On after AC Loss – Again, if the BIOS supports it, ensure that in the event of a power failure the system will power up again and boot to the OS (not network!)
  • Windows 7 Recovery Options – If Windows 7 is not shut down correctly, it will default to boot into Recovery mode.  To negate this and always attempt to boot into the OS, run the following command line from an Administrative command prompt;
    bcdedit /set {current} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures

This should help to make your Branch Distribution Point systems a little more resilient to everyday life at remote offices.



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