Error 0x80004005 when installing Applications to a WORKGROUP system during Build and Capture Task Sequence

I use a task sequence to perform the initial build of my Windows 7 reference pc, install Microsoft Office 2010 and then I capture it manually.  I’ve been doing this for quite some time using ConfigMgr 2007 without any issues, however I was seeing an error with ConfigMgr 2012 when it tries to install Microsoft Office 2010 as an “Application” (as opposed to a traditional “Package”.)  The SMSTS.LOG on the failed build would record an ‘unspecified error’ 0x80004005.

I finally figured out, after a lot of head scratching and forum posting, that the SMSMP switch needs to be used in the “Setup Windows and ConfigMgr” step of your reference build task sequence AND you also need to ensure that you have IP Range/IP Subnet based boundaries within your Boundary Group.  AD Site name boundaries alone will not work.  This is a very similar issue to what we had/have with ConfigMgr 2007 and Software Updates during OSD.

This problem does not occur when using a Task Sequence to install Applications to a system that has been Domain Joined during the Windows Setup phase.  This makes sense, as the Domain Joined client wouldn’t have any problem locating the Management Point or figuring out it’s boundaries – as it can query Active Directory.  A WORKGROUP joined system needs to be spoon-fed the name of the Management Point – even though it is already communicating with a defined management point (as set by the boot media.) and also be able to associate itself to a boundary using it’s IP Address.



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