PITA – ATI Catalyst Drivers Installation

I love manufacturers who stubbornly refuse to conform to Industry standards for Driver and software Deployment.  ATI and NVidia are two such culprits who make the installation of drivers for their products using widely used deployment tools a royal pain in the arse.  The driver .inf files can be easily extracted from the vendor supplied software, however when installed using Driver Injection and Plug and Play during Windows Setup they are not ‘completely’ installed and if the first user of the system is not an administrator they will receive a prompt for elevation to complete the install.  This is unacceptable guys!

So, we have to work with the vendor supplied drivers in the format they were provided and using whatever silent/unattended methods they provide.  ATI do not make this particularly easy with their Catalyst drivers as they use an installer technology called ‘Monet’ – nope, I never heard of it either.  There seems to be multiple ways to start the installation routine too; Setup.exe, ATISetup.exe and InstallManagerApp.exe – so what do we use?

After several hours of mucking around trying to get one of these to install the drivers during a task sequence, I can proudly put my name to a command line that actually works!  If you create a standard package that contains the extracted files from the vendor supplied install files and create an ‘install.cmd’ file that contains the following;


Create a program that runs the ‘install.cmd’ file (Run Hidden, Whether or not a user is logged on, Allow TS Deployment) and add this as an ‘Install Package’ Step to your Task Sequence.  You should enable the ‘Continue On Error’ option on this step, as the ATI installer will exit with a non-zero exitcode even if the drivers install successfully.

In the command line above, I am choosing to only install the drivers and not the associated ‘crap’ that comes with them – but if you want more than just the drivers then just amend the /UNATTENDED_INSTALL option and take off the ‘\Drivers’ at the end of the path.



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6 Responses to PITA – ATI Catalyst Drivers Installation

  1. John Quirk says:

    I’m impressed! Agree they’re a pain, this is a very cool fix.

  2. Pasi K. says:

    Works like a charm! Many thanks

  3. epic, awesome, and amazing…you are too kind sir. thank you much! Worked perfectly for SCCM 2012 and our many Dell OptiPlex’s.

  4. Eddie says:

    Will this also work for an MDT deployment? Also, what does the “%~dp0” do?

    • madluka says:

      Yeah it should do, the mechanism isn’t as important as the command line to perform the installation. The %~dp0 variable translates to the current path with a trailing slash, required for batch files which may be launched from a UNC path.

      • Eddie says:

        I didn’t follow all your steps and tried to wing it, by adding a “Run Command Line” task step (did not work). Then I tried it manually, just to make sure the install.cmd was sound. I ran it from the target, after mapping the the install.cmd script’s folder on the MDT. It works beautifully.

        But, I need to do it with MDT. I’m a barely passed novice level MDT usage, and don’t understand the following steps :

        1. Run Hidden, Whether or not a user is logged on,
        2. Allow TS Deployment
        3. add this as an ‘Install Package’ Step to your Task Sequence

        Will I find info on these steps in the MDT help files?


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