ConfigMgr 2007: The Self Signed Certificate Can Not Be Created Successfully

I’ve been scratching my head for the last hour or so at a customer site having issues with installing the PXE Service Point role onto some new Secondary Site Servers – getting an error “The Self Signed Certificate Can Not Be Created Successfully”.  This problem also affected the ability to extend the expiration time on the self signed certificate on existing PXE enabled site systems.

I spent considerable time tracing logs, file/object access and repeated uninstall/re-install of the PXE service point role.  Some Google searches for this error only returned results for people experiencing problems when re-installing the PXE service point role where it had once existed.

When I was down to my last few strands of hair, in a moment of inspired clarity, I remembered a little popup balloon when I was logged into the server stating that I was being logged on with a temporary profile (this organisation does not allow roaming profiles on their servers.)  I quickly created a local administrative user, gave it some permissions within ConfigMgr and ran a new Console window under those credentials and was able to add the PXE service point role no problem.

So I can only assume that during the generation of the self-signed certificate it is a requirement that a locally cached profile/folder must exist for the user, perhaps for only temporary reasons.


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