Task Sequence step fails with ‘Incorrect Function’

This is just a quick post to help anyone out understanding what this error actually means.  In a task sequence, particularly an MDT integrated one, there will be tasks which use command line tools such as cscript.exe or xcopy.exe and when these fail to run you often get a traditional MSDOS based error code such as 1, 2, 3, 5 etc.  Error 1: Incorrect function, is usually when you have something that is running something like “cscript.exe myscript.vbs” but the script specified cannot be found to be ran.  Check your script location and paths.


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One Response to Task Sequence step fails with ‘Incorrect Function’

  1. Frank VanDyke says:

    I have had problems with our WDS imaging with deploying our upgrades of Windows XP to Windows 7 with the USMT migration phase reporting “incorrect function” too. In the logs for the USMT didn’t see any specific error identified but some thing changed nonetheless. After comparing my old Deployment Share and my New Deployment Share (I kept the old one around just for reference) I noticed that in the scripts folder X:\Distribution\scripts the file ZITUserState.wsf was missing. I sure didn’t delete myself and no one else had been on the server or share with delete permissions either. After copying the file from the old share to the new one I restarted the deployment process and voila! The USMT tool migrated all the users from the XP install to the Windows 7 image without any problems. I hope that this helps anyone else with this troublesome error

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