Policy Evaluation Failed. Error Code 0x87d00267.

I have recently been engaged on a customer site who have been having all manner of random and frustrating problems with Operating System Deployments.  Sometimes the OS image would fail to download, sometimes the ConfigMgr Client would fail to download or install, sometimes any given application would fail to install.  Failure Status Messages include the below;

Install Software failed, hr=0x80070001. The operating system reported error 2147942401: Incorrect function.


Failed to configure OSD setup hook (0x80091007)
Configure hook failed with error code (80091007).
Failed to install setup hook (80091007). The operating system reported error 2148077575: The hash value is not correct.


Installation of image 1 in package P0100198 failed to complete.. 
he hash value is not correct. (Error: 80091007; Source: Windows). The operating system reported error 2148077575: The hash value is not correct.


They had been through all the usual Refresh DP/Validate/Remove/Re-add nonsense that sometimes fixes corrupt applications to no avail.  This all added up to something that is usually very unlikely to be the fault of Configuration Manager, the way it is configured or the applications within.  This had plagued them for weeks, months perhaps.

In the scenario where one or more of these errors were occuring when deploying physicsal clients from a physical distribution point, they found that something unusual was happening with their Riverbed setup – which was that whenever the task sequence rebooted and proceeded to try and install the next application, the HTTP session was somehow being interfered with by the Riverbed device – resulting in the client being unable to request policy after the reboot.  They took the Riverbed out of the equation and that resolved some physical > physical build issues.

Where we were experiencing one or more of the errors above in the VMware environment, it was discovered that most (if not all) of the VMware test client systems and VMware Distribution Point servers were configured with either the E1000 or E1000E ‘legacy’ Network Adapter.  Changing the client systems to use the E1000E didn’t help and we are not at a convenient point to include the VMXNET 3 adapters in the boot images (nor does the VMXNET 3 adapter support PXE Boot.)  It was therefore decided (by me, lol) to take a punt on re-configuring the Distribution Point Server to use the VMXNET 3 adapter.

Success!  VM DP to VM Client and VM DP to Physical Client deployments all taking place without any such random nonsense occuring.  A quick Google session revealed the use of the E1000/E adapters in VMware is generally bad Ju-Ju and so I implore you all to consider making sure that where possible you use the VMXNET3 adapter (Requires VMware tools installing) on your VM Distribution Points.


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One Response to Policy Evaluation Failed. Error Code 0x87d00267.

  1. Matthew says:

    A bit late to the party but thanks dude, this has cleared some stuff up for me.

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