MDT Task Sequence for Building Remote Desktop Session Host with Desktop Experience

When using an MDT  Task Sequence to build/deploy a Server with the Desktop Experience component there are a few issues you may encounter.  Firstly, I would highly recommend you make use of the “Install Roles and Features” MDT step which uses the ZTIOSRole.wsf to install your selected Roles and Features and perform a reboot for each one if necessary.  It works well.  You can happily select all of the Roles and Features you need from the one step.  Secondly, be aware however that if choose to install the “Desktop” Experience Role (and possibly others) this requires some Component Based Servicing actions that trigger a hard reboot when the Task Sequence isn’t expecting one and your Task Sequence will fail.  You might not realise it has failed as the server will simply be sat at the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen.

I read a few blog posts, one of which in particular related to using DISM to manually install each role, with a reboot step between each and a set of commands for temporarily disabling the TrustedInstaller service.  I didn’t like the idea of that, and for me, it didn’t work anyway – when the service was re-enabled and the server was rebooted it simply triggered the hard reboot anyway.  You might get different mileage.

My solution was simply to ensure that there is a “Restart Computer” step immediately following the “Install Roles and Features” step that installs the “Desktop Experience” role – to restart back into the running OS with a 60 second countdown.  I actually had two “Install Roles and Features” steps, the first does .NET 3.5 and 4.5 and the second step has all of my RDS related Roles and Features selected (Ink, Media Foundation, Session Host, Licensing Diag tools, Desktop Experience). I think it is important that you have selected the “User Interfaces and Infrastructure” node too.

I found this fairly reliable in that when the Desktop Experience Role is installed along with other roles and the server is rebooted gracefully by the ZTIOSRole.wsf, the Task Sequence engine started back up again quick enough to trigger the next “Restart Computer” step and whilst the countdown was occuring the TrustedInstaller initiated the hard reboot within the first 30 seconds.  The Task Sequence continued without error.

After wasting many hours getting this all working using Server 2012, I wanted to capture this build using Capture media – however the PrepareOS step failed with an 80004005 error about unbcl.dll (c:\windows\system32\sysprep\panther\setuperr.log).  This doesn’t happen if you run SYSPREP manually or if you are using Server 2012 R2 – it looks like this is as a result of the Task Sequence running the SYSPREP utility under SYSTEM credentials (as it is a Capture Task Sequence basically.)  For the moment, I am having to resort to performing manual Prep of the Configuration Manager Client, SYSPREP manually and boot into WinPE from a USB/ISO and perform a manual capture using ImageX (well, GImageX actually.)


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